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Existence Perspectives

How endless the possibilities

By which our journey may enfold.

And how comforting to think we have agency,

But how much of it do our actions really mold?

Perhaps our faith is predestined,

At the mercy of the One above;

Perhaps energy’s manifesting,

The things we most fiercely think of.

Perhaps our faith is inherited,

Through that which is called evolution;

Perhaps it is all merited,

With willful, thought-out execution.

Explore what speaks to you,

But never cease to question

The comforting point of view

For it casts one single option.

The idea of a higher power

Generates Belief,

And Belief is most important

In the presence of grief.

Directing our very focus

To the states we wish erect,

Enriches our life’s Purpose

Through its ripple effect.

Viewing inheritance and genetics

As things outside our control

Can steer our heart into Acceptance,

Paving way to the skill of letting go.

Trusting we hold agency

Will encourage Self-growth,

And Self-growth’s the currency of life,

I’d testify to it under oath.

For each theory holds some sweetness,

The more I think, the more I know

That together they bring completeness

To one’s journey's flow.

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