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Dos and don’ts to happiness.

Don’t censor opinions, express how you feel,

Never be sorry for purely being real.

Expose own emotions and act as you please,

When self-conscious you feel, don’t pretend you’re at ease.

Steer clear of people, who show a double face,

As well as those relationships, where you feel out of place.

You will grow stronger among the like-minded,

So genuinely choose by whom to be surrounded.

Stand by the person that makes you feel keen:

Be it a boy, a girl, or someone in between.

Careful your affection doesn’t turn into a chase,

If it’s meant to be, the One will match your stable pace.

Be kind to the world; make nobody sad,

Stay nice to humankind; cause no one to be mad.

In spreading messages of love, at the larger- scale,

You’ll find happiness to be the plot of your tale.

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