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Remember, remember that day in September.

The beginning of a year where

I thought I would be lead nowhere.

I was unable to make the split.

Thankfully, rock bottom I hit.

When you forever feel trapped in the depths,

I recommend you to take a couple full breaths.

When the road ahead looks nothing but grey,

Please stay reminded that is okay.

Some people will stress, how they want to be there.

I would remind you to honor their care.

But when pressured you feel, I ask you please share:

At times it helps more, seeking elsewhere.

The unconditional bonds patience will find

Until you reach freedom and clear your mind.

Attaining that goal will call for great strengths,

Their presence alone goes to great lengths.

Belief and support, those things hand in hand

Are ones that will always, help you back stand.

The harder you push to voice out the strains,

The more you’ll feel free, from your long held chains.

Loosing a challenge can make you berate,

Failing at perfection will urge you to hate.

But meeting your tears with love instead,

Will serve you the most and keep you ahead.

Control, repression, platitude.

Hope, compassion, gratitude.

You loose some things along the way,

But find true meaning, I must say.

One year ago,

Of your prison you wanted to let go.

One year went by,

You finally see, a boundless blue sky.

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