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How to be at one with your Self.

The first step in discovering our Self, in learning how to live our life freely and fully, is seeing how this Self - the soul - was present all along.

Let’s start by recalling the glimpses of true personality that always inhabited our thoughts. Those instants where we pictured our lives to be different, envisioning events we wish were our reality; the times when we secretly contemplated on the what ifs… When such moments arose, we shut off the feelings, thus separating ourselves from ideas we felt ashamed to voice. And now, we remember how those instants were ever so present in our mind.

All the thoughts that made us uncomfortable, it’s time to reconnect with them. Become aware, and in our own privacy, open up about how it is that we feel. In a perfect world, how would everything be? If we were to design our future, what does life look like? The honesty we adopt with ourselves can bring to light unexpected insight. We realize that we are rather different than how we present ourselves. We discover that our passions, and all the things we nurture are inconsistent with how we lived our lives thus far. By letting go of censorship, we begin to envision the fulfillment that can flourish from being real. For the first time, we sense a stirring purpose, finding the desire to “follow our heart”.

The self-realization is accompanied by great fear, for it entails forgoing what we have worked hard to build, possibly no longer fitting in the life we feel comfortable with. We are quick to think this part to be the ultimate challenge, but putting things to practice can come more effortless than preconceived. As we develop a deeper sense of Self, the empowerment derived from the possibility of shaping our life is motivation enough to get the courage for what is to follow.

Yes - overcoming fear is not easy… but it is simple: tackle it. Often times, an extreme event can drive us to override the feeling of fear, for we realize we have little to loose. Let’s not wait for this event to hit us. Let’s start today. Give voice to the Self. By taking steps in the direction we want to go in, we are likely to realize that what scared us wasn’t so bad after all. On top of that, we are further open to taking risks, and so, we carry on with the Freedom and Self-growth.

By living our life honestly and fully, in reality, we achieve just that, and more: we encourage the people around us to pursue the same journey, attaining harmony within.

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