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March 25, 2018

When we surrender our soul

To the earthquake that is love,

The shaking may stand so strong that

The fortress we devoted our life building


In a matter of seconds, all pillars collapse

Rapidly, becoming the past.

When we forgive ourselves

For having allowed the mold,


February 10, 2018

Anger and resentment every so often over-flood my heart.

I try and struggle to stay an observer, simply let them depart.

I recognize they are only feelings, and were never part of me,

But the eager stabs at acceptance are ones that reject me.

Each time I sit in emotions, a...

February 6, 2018

Choosing the path of recovery,

Gently lifting the eating disorder shelf,

You’re onto some huge discovery,

“What the hell”, is the first thing you tell yourself.

Your entire world becomes a mess,

Negative outcomes of life, however small,

Provoke utter feelings of distress,


February 1, 2018

“I need to get healthy”

I hear my friends say

To loose some weight

I see them pray.

Depriving themselves, from food all day

Going to great length, to keep hunger at bay

Diets, pills, and spinning they try

Repeated failure at times makes them cry

Seeing them start over, week af...

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